The Year of Living Dangerously | Your Money Podcast – Episode 486

February 09, 2024

Is 2024 the year of living dangerously? Is the banking crisis over? And speaking of banks, what’s happening at New York Community Bank? This week on Your Money, the shop talks narrow markets, explains the four-year Bitcoin halving, reviews the minor outperformance of smallcaps, and digs into pricing power through the lens of Chipotle and McDonalds.

In this video for educational purposes only, Dan Stewart, Don Vandenbord, Michael Ramos, Ted Zhang, & Connor Bates host The Your Money Video Podcast + Live Trading and Watchlist Stocks to Study.

0:00 – Opening Bell
08:30 – Mailbag: Unpacking The Big 7
11:15 – Mailbag: The Day After Black Monday
22:00 – Explaining The Bitcoin Halving
26:30 – The Minor Outperformance of Smallcaps
35:00 – Chipotle, McDonalds, and Pricing Power

Show Links:

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The Banking Crisis may not be over

Fear Not! FAs can Clear Complaint that followed Clients’ Pandemic Panic Selling

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