Roaring at Gamestop | Your Money Podcast – Episode 503

June 07, 2024

Is Roaring Kitty playing fair at Gamestop?! Keith Gill’s run at the top and whether or not he’s crossing the legal line is the story of the week as the shop digs into the stock market moving to Texas and Fidelity’s new pressure on ETF’ before diving into undercutting the solar sector and Ted’s market withdrawals while vacationing in Hawaii.

In this video for educational purposes only, Danny Stewart, Don Vandenbord, & Connor Bates host The Your Money Video Podcast + Live Trading and Watchlist Stocks to Study.

00:00 – Opening Bell
03:00 – Let’s Talk REITs
08:30 – Roaring Kitty’s Gamestop Pump
14:30 – Fidelity Puts Pressure on ETF’s
17:15 – Mailbag: Inflating The Price of Eggs
19:00 – Mailbag: Fundamentals Against Meme Stocks
21:30 – This Week in the Markets
31:00 – Small Caps or Large Caps?
35:00 – Undercutting the Solar Sector
40:30 – Breadth & Sentiment in Market Support
45:00 – Market Withdrawals

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