Revealing Our FIFTEEN Favorite Stocks | Your Money Podcast – Episode 504

June 11, 2024

Should you be cashing in on the solar market? Medical? What about Crowdstrike and Cava? The shop jumps into the markets in a special early edition of Your Money to talk about understanding the fine lines in beneficiary designations and why economists are feasting on the Fed’s late moves on interest rates before diving into a roundtable discussion of our fifteen favorite stocks to watch heading into the summer.

In this video for educational purposes only, Danny Stewart, Don Vandenbord, & Connor Bates host The Your Money Video Podcast + Live Trading and Watchlist Stocks to Study.

00:00 – Opening Bell
02:00 – Beneficiary Designations – Girlfriend Collects $1M
05:45 – Feasting on Interest – Economists on The Fed
10:00 – This Week in the Markets
14:15 – Ted’s Top Five – TMDX, COIN, HIMS, MU, ABGO
23:00 – Connor’s Top Five – ONON, NXT, TAN, PSTG, RDDT
30:30 – Don’s Top Five – CRWD, NVDA, CAVA, FSLR, ARKK

Show Links:

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His Ex is Getting His $1Million Retirement Account: They Broke Up in 1989

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