Leaders, Not Laggards | Your Money Podcast – Episode 433

January 13, 2023

What kind of market action are the experts predicting in 2023? The whole shop joins in on a special Friday the 13th-edition of Your Money to talk about annuity changes, the solar, medical, and real estate stocks you might want to keep an eye on, and whether or not the blockchain is actually the better mousetrap everybody claimed it was when crypto took off.

In this video for educational purposes only, Danny Stewart, Don Vandenbord, Michael Ramos, Ted Zhang, and Connor Bates host The Your Money Video Podcast + Live Trading and Watchlist Stocks to Study.

0:00 – Friday the 13th
6:30 – First, Annuities
14:30 – Predicting the New Year
29:00 – The Solar Stock Mailbag
38:00 – Analyzing the Medical Sector
44:00 – Explaining The Five E.M.A.
50:00 – This Week On the Charts
56:00 – REITs & Apparel
1:02:30 – Market Breath Indicators
1:14:00 – Stablecoin Problems, Blockchain Solutions

Show Links:

NYSE Net highs/lows

NASDAQ Net highs/lows:

NYSE % of stocks above 200-day:

NASDAQ % of stocks above 200-day:

Stage analysis:

McClellan Summation:

What IF Target Date Funds Used Annuities – (I told you they are coming for YOUR MONEY!)

Variable Annuity replacements in FINRA crosshairs

Gundlach expects big fall in inflation & interest rates

Gundlach’s 9 Market Predictions for 2023

12 Market Wishes of 2023: Raymond James CIO Larry Adam (sadly most of the 12 from 2022 DIDN’T come true)

Look for Positive Market Surprises in 2023: Jeremy Siegel

Stocks risk -22% slump: Morgan Stanley Strategist Michael Wilson

Goldman Sachs advises investors to go risk free in 2023 (what is risk free??)

Are money markets & CDs a good investment now (answer: T-Bills vs CDs or anything with restrictions)

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