Has NVIDIA Flown Too Close to the Sun? | Your Money Podcast – Episode 502

May 31, 2024

Has NVIDIA flown too close to the sun? The shop talks avoiding losses in interval funds, momentum trading against the greater fool theory, and whether or not NVIDIA’s experiencing Icarus syndrome and falling fast before diving into the start of the S&P rollover following a strong three weeks and taking steps towards a stronger portfolio with four footwear stocks.

In this video for educational purposes only, Danny Stewart, Don Vandenbord, & Connor Bates host The Your Money Video Podcast + Live Trading and Watchlist Stocks to Study.

00:00 – Opening Bell
05:00 – Avoiding Interval Funds
10:00 – Momentum Trading and the Greater Fool Theory
17:00 – Mailbag: Is NVIDIA Too Close to the Sun?
24:00 – This Week in the Markets
32:00 – Four Footwear Sectors
37:00 – Seeking Subgroup Stocks

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