The Your Money Radio Show, a summary of the past week’s stock market action and breakdown of all the news that the team at Revere Asset Management is following to help you understand the economy and the investment strategies we use to help our clients.

December 8th, Podcast

Do you treat people in life like you Eulogize them? Which begs the question: What do George Herbert Walker Bush and Muhammad Ali have in common? Why this SHOULDN’T apply to Wall Street! Tim and Dan give you some valuable, ‘commonsensical’ advice on how not to get “Cref-ed” or quagmired in the buy-and-hold mentality. Some […]

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November 21st, Podcast

It’s a Black Friday Sale on the Markets StockNerds®, but YOU shouldn’t be buying!! At least not yet! It can get a lot cheaper with better prices. But how you will know when it is time to buy?? That’s exactly what Tim, Don, Danny, and Tim’s Aunt from Pennsylvania will explain to you in great […]

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November 10th, Podcast

Are Your Assets managed by “Unprofessionals” in the industry with a perpetual bullish outlook? Are you the Matching Kind where you can fund Your Mistakes, or are You Retired? Whatever you do, do NOT let them take you to the Annuity Bowl! Even the Wall Street Journal tells you to stay away. You must be […]

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October 20th, Podcast

Who will decide the Next Presidential Election in 2020? Will it be Taylor Swift or T__ F______!? Most important, will it turn Your Portfolio into a Big Fatberg!!  How can you prevent that from happening to YOU!?  We’ll tell you exactly how to identify that scenario and how to avoid it.  Tim shares his RSR […]

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October 13th, Podcast

Is Duke Nukem managing your portfolio?!  Ask the Sarcasm Leprechaun why the California Pension Fund (CALPERs) lost 2 billion with Duke!   Do you still have bonds, gold, or emerging markets?  What about timber?  If so, you need to ask why?  And how Google, Amazon, & Facebook will be coming for Your Money.  Then the […]

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