The Your Money Radio Show, a summary of the past week’s stock market action and breakdown of all the news that the team at Revere Asset Management is following to help you understand the economy and the investment strategies we use to help our clients.

February 16, Podcast

Do Doves Cry when You get a Portfolio Review?! Do You have a BraveHeart and the FREEEEEDOM to be Flexible, or is Your Portfolio a Rolling Dumpster Fire – always behind the news instead of in front of the news?! Tim and Danny discuss 529 Plans and Roth IRA’s providing you with the pros and […]

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February 9, Podcast

Are You the Old Curmudgeon in the Muppet Balcony with an Outdated, Risky Portfolio because some ASSet Gatherer told You to? Or are You the Classical Aperitif listening to Market Opera with Maestro Don, Portfolio Manager Extraordinaire?! And what exactly is the difference between Brokerage Firms, Life Insurance Companies, and Facebook? Who is the Client […]

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February 2, Podcast

Forget Politics and Talking Triangles, What is Price Telling You What to Do Now! And what do Howard Schultz & Joe Scarborough of the Morning Joe have in common, or Your Investments for that matter? Well, Dr. Tim’s in the House to analyze this Dilemma and exactly what it has to do with YOU losing […]

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January 19th, Podcast

Are you getting your investment advice from a Black Belt in Economics but when it comes to Markets, they are looking in EXACTLY the wrong direction making your portfolio an exercise in ‘Ludicrosity’ in nonsensicalness. Your portfolio must be flexible and able to make adjustments. No, we are NOT talking about ‘Rebalancing’. Don, Tim, and […]

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January 5th, Podcast

Did we just witness the Powell Put?! Or is this another Market Fake Out sucking investors in only to rollback over?? Don, Tim, and Dan discuss just this in detail, including how to handle this market and even providing the actual positions and portfolio changes they made Friday. They further discuss how the strong Jobs […]

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December 15th, Podcast

Are you getting Your Investment Advice from a TeleAdvisor?! If so, you might as well get Your Advice from a Telenovela or even a Teletubby. In this market, you are at risk if still listening to the Pie Chart Buy-and-Hold brokers from StripMallAdvisor.com. This podcast teaches you timely action to take, the very few sectors […]

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