The Your Money Radio Show, a summary of the past week’s stock market action and breakdown of all the news that the team at Revere Asset Management is following to help you understand the economy and the investment strategies we use to help our clients.

April 21st, Podcast

Say you will, say you won’t but Tim is an Enigma along with Jimmy Sole. So what does Timothy 3.2 say about the Markets?! If you’re lazy you might just get lucky and Tim will simply tell you the stocks going up. This is a MUST listen. Do you know the difference between an Annuity […]

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April 14th, Podcast

If you have any type of Pension, STOP – YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS! Your retirement could be on the line and affected significantly. And share this information with anyone you care about who has a Pension so they aren’t harmed as well. Or at least so that they may minimize the damage. If you […]

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March 24th, Podcast

The DOW drops over 1000 points in Two Days! How can you handle this newfound market volatility, and most important, how will you know when this “volatility” actually turns into a Bear Market? Are We There?! And are you getting Dupery”ied” by your Investment Newsletter?! Are THEY feeding YOU false data upon which YOU base […]

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March 10th, Podcast

What is the very valuable bond lesson you can learn from the prostitute Ophelia in Trading Places? We’ll lead you to the natural conclusion going forward for the next few years regarding fixed income. We also let you know how to determine BIG BUYING using a couple important market internal measures. Even more important, these […]

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February 24th, Podcast

Can volatility be voluptuous and useable, or is it always computer based, high frequency algo trading? And what about the Media? Can you embrace what the media is selling into useable information, or is it like MC Hammer – “You just can’t touch this!” We provide a lesson in shorting for the more adventurous investors. […]

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February 17th, Podcast

Algos, ETFs, and Selling Oh My! The first correction in quite a while and when it gets sold, it ALL gets sold – even the best stocks in the world! Even Bonds! Diversification was of no value, only cash. Then massive buying comes into the Markets within Days?! Is Lack of Investment Control Your Dilemma? […]

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