AVOID THE CRASH – A Winning Market Strategy for ANY Position | Your Money Podcast – Episode 400

May 13, 2022

Forget about what you’ve made – how much of what you’ve MADE can you KEEP? The shop celebrates 400 Episodes by dressing up, doubling down, and digging into just how bad the market is right now with a couple of personal anecdotes from the guys and the sharing of some particular correspondence between a friend of the show and their not-so-friendly neighborhood broker. Also, where the heck is Danny?

In this video for educational purposes only, Dan Stewart, Don Vandenbord, Tim Reazor, and Hunter Mozingo host The Your Money Video Podcast + Live Trading and Watchlist Stocks to Study.

0:00 – Tim’s Tuxedo
3:30 – We Need to Talk About How Bad the Market Is
6:00 – Lucent Stocks and William O’Neal
12:00 – The “It’ll Come Back” Strategy
20:30 – You’re Not Warren Buffet, Folks
23:30 – Don’s Mary Meeker and Keeping What You’ve Made
28:00 – The Thing About These Brokers Is…
31:15 – The Year 2000 on a Monthly Chart
34:30 – The Fear of Missing Out
37:00 – Tim Predicts The Future of Paypal (For the Record)
39:00 – Don on Portfolios
41:00 – Crypto & The LUNA Drop
47:00 – Correspondence from a Phony Broker
1:08:00 – Why The Show is Called “Your Money”
1:14:00 – The Biggest Questions That Nobody Ever Asks Their Broker
1:18:00 – Hunter’s Stocks to Watch This Week
1:22:30 – Don’s Fab 40 and the 21/21
1:30:00 – Tim’s One Last Thing

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