October 13th, Podcast

Is Duke Nukem managing your portfolio?!  Ask the Sarcasm Leprechaun why the California Pension Fund (CALPERs) lost 2 billion with Duke!  

Do you still have bonds, gold, or emerging markets?  What about timber?  If so, you need to ask why?  And how Google, Amazon, & Facebook will be coming for Your Money. 

Then the legend that is Tim and the illustrious Don go into great detail about how Revere managed risks during this tumultuous week. 

More importantly, what you should be doing heading into next week with actionable ideas throughout the show so listen closely. 

As always, if you want a topic discussed on the show, have questions, or simply want a complimentary portfolio review, you can contact any of us via email: dan@revereasset.com, tim@revereasset.com or don@revereasset.com