July 7th, Podcast

We’ve got a great show for you this weekend folks…

Is The End Near: Will the Trade War cause a Depression?

Who is Going to Win: Can the eSports Elite 11 save us or are they just GAMRs looking for a Hookup?

“Chartis Vigilante” – Always Follow the Charts (and the Money): Although Don speaks English well, his Latin is much better.

Do you have a 403(b) or other Public Plan: Be sure to listen to the section about retirement plans.

And don’t worry StockNerds®, we give you the Red Meat you desire: Dan & Don cover this week’s market action, the current breakout, and actionable ideas for you to research.

As always, if you want a topic discussed on the show, have questions, or simply want a complimentary portfolio review, you can contact any of us via email: dan@revereasset.com, tim@revereasset.com or don@revereasset.com