How P/Es and Valuations Can Hurt Your Portfolio

Active Management versus Passive – that IS the QUESTION!

What is Your Choice to Be?!

Danny, Tim, and Don go over all the issues and variables to help YOU determine the Big Questions to Ask:

  1. Who’s is it?
  2. What’s the agenda?
  3. What is the overall strategy involved?

And why P/Es and valuations can actually hurt Your Portfolio!?

A perfect example is how ExxonMobil went from being the biggest company in the world to getting kicked out of the DOW while getting fundamentally “cheaper and cheaper.”

$$$$ 👇 $$$ 👇 $$ 👇 $

The Correct Use of Stop-Losses Continued:

  1. How to properly adjust for individual stocks
  2. How to adjust for overall market conditions

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