Had Enough of the Mutual Funds with the Static Pie Charts?

Major “Once in a Lifetime Bear Markets” have already occurred 4 times since 2000: so exactly whose lives are Wall Street counting?!

Maybe, just maybe, YOU need to stop listening to the Traditional Advisor Brotherhood and find a better way.

Enough with the indexed life insurance, indexed annuities, or mutual funds with static pie charts – all with some combination of dividend reinvestment fees, bond reallocation fees, 12b-1 fees, trailers, commissions, etc…

You deserve a Fiduciary that ONLY GETS PAID BY YOU AND NO ONE ELSE!! And with ACTIVE Management on an ongoing basis, not farming it out to mutual funds or ETFs, then “rebalancing” quarterly or semi-annually.

Your Portfolio DESERVES to be re-balanced anytime when necessary, not some arbitrary date at the end of the quarter!! What are YOU paying for?!?

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