February 9, Podcast

Are You the Old Curmudgeon in the Muppet Balcony with an Outdated, Risky Portfolio because some ASSet Gatherer told You to? Or are You the Classical Aperitif listening to Market Opera with Maestro Don, Portfolio Manager Extraordinaire?! And what exactly is the difference between Brokerage Firms, Life Insurance Companies, and Facebook? Who is the Client and What is the Product?!?

Don, Tim, and Dan provide valuable Market Internals and REAL Research to help you navigate next week. They go over actionable, timely stocks for setting up if the market moves higher.

As always, if you want a topic discussed on the show, have questions, or simply want a complimentary portfolio review, you can contact any of us via email: dan@revereasset.com, tim@revereasset.com or don@revereasset.com