February 10th, Podcast

In this wildly volatile week with the DOW experiencing TWO -1000 point drops, what’s coming next!?

Now that the markets have officially entered “Correction” mode, will the selling continue or should you “Buy the Dip”?!

How will you handle your portfolio heading into next week?

Find out what we did for our clients at Revere, throughout the week but especially Friday. Then learn about the big differences between Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Trade Notes (ETNs) because there is a BIG difference you need to be aware of. And did you know there are even Exchange Traded Products, or ETPs?!

Be sure to listen to the end as we provide a detailed market update including the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, & things you need to be aware of for next week.

As always, if you want a topic discussed on the show, have questions, or simply want a complimentary portfolio review, you can contact any of us via email: dan@revereasset.com, tim@revereasset.com or don@revereasset.com