A Sell Discipline Based on Math Instead of Fear

Financial Advice – Are YOU the Client or the Product?!

Is your “Advisor” really just an “asset gatherer” broker delivering you to his Brokerage Firm or Insurance Company? Are you getting hit with 12b-1 Fees, trailers, commissions, or even backhanded Dealer Concessions?

You need a True Fiduciary who ONLY represents you and receives no outside compensation, or works on commissions of ANY kind. Most importantly, You need a sound strategy with a sell discipline based on math, not fear. Revere can help.

Speaking of Revere, please welcome the newest addition to our team: Hunter Mozingo. Hunter will be working side-by-side with Don Vandenbord in Florida as our Research Analyst.

You can reach out to welcome Hunter via email at hunter@revereasset.com.

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As always, if you have any questions or have a topic you would like discussed on the show, or simply want a complimentary portfolio review, then reach out to any of us via email: dan@revereasset.com, tim@revereasset.com, don@revereasset.com or hunter@revereasset.com.