Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy our favorite Strategy free today!

As we settle in on this day of thanks the entire NorAm Asset team wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Our shop is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s because of you.  Thank you so much for watching our videos, listening to our radio show and spreading the word about these educational resources.   A week has passed since we taught the workshop on our favorite strategy for long term growth and wealth protection.  The viewership of this class has been tremendous.  At times demand has been so high it has bogged down the servers where the video of the class resides.  Also, some Windows users have reported viewing issues.   Starting this morning the class resides on brand new servers and you can now watch the class without registering.   We hope this improves your viewing experience as well as helps you retain more of the information shared.  

[vimeo 112975428]


To watch in HD click HD. It may open another tab or window in your browser.