Painful for Most, What’s Next

Dan Stewart CFA®
President/Chief Investment Officer
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The markets took a major hit yesterday erasing all of Wednesday’s gains, and then some.  It was broad and it was ugly.

Now I wrote in Thursday’s newsletter that Wednesday stocks, bonds, the Yen, and commodities were all in positive territory, and that was unusual and unstainable.  Something had to give.  I went on to say that stocks looked the weakest and had the highest probability of giving way.

That turned out to be more apropos than I thought.  The NASDAQ, not the DOW, but the NASDAQ was down -130 points.  This is over a -3% decline and the single biggest drop on the NASDAQ since late 2011.  All the major indices have gone into the red for the year.

Volatility has risen significantly.  100+ point day swings from the upside & downside are becoming commonplace.  I have attached a graph of the Volatility Index on the S&P 500 versus the S&P 500 itself.  Notice the steep positive slope of the VIX line in red.

The big question is how do you navigate this market, and what is next.   Yesterday we registered a 90% Down Volume day on the NASDAQ coming in at 94%.  We narrowly missed a 90% Down Volume day on the NYSE registering 89%.  Breadth was very negative with declining issues clobbering advancing issues.  It was a broad selloff across virtually all sectors.

The 2 bright spots were bonds and precious metals.  So it was unquestionably a risk off day. Normally when you get a 90% Down Volume day, you will get a relief rally.

That said, if selling continues and we don’t hold the line at 1835 on the S&P 500 (1822 on the S&P June futures contracts) or the NASDAQ at 4050 (June futures at 3480), you should raise cash culling your weakest or most volatile positions to fight another day.  Don’t be a hero.  I have attached graphs of both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ so you can visualize what I am referring to.

If we get a rebound rally, but on light volume, you should ‘fade the rally’ doing the same.  Cull your weakest or most volatile positions.  Only if we get a strong, broad rally on volume should you stand pat if you are fully invested.

This is definitely not a 2013 environment.  You will get opportunities to catch trends but only if you preserve principal during strong pullbacks.

One thing that could provide an impetus for a rally is earnings by 2 major banks today.  Both JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Wells Fargo (WFC) report today. So today may be a pivotal day.

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We have a few economic reports including  the various Producer Price Index (PPI) measures.  We have 3 companies reporting on the S&P 500, one of which, JPMorgan Chase (JPM), is also included in the DOW.

We have only 1 company reporting in the broader markets and it is not worth mentioning.  But earnings season begins in full force next week.












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Dan Stewart CFA®
Chief Investment Officer
NorAm Asset Management

Economic Reports Today:

PPI Final Demand
PPI ex Food & Energy
University of Michigan Consumer Confidence

Some Notable Earnings Reports Today:

JPMorgan Chase (JPM)
Wells Fargo

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