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Dan Stewart CFA®
President/Chief Investment Officer
NorAm Asset Management



Wow, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster yesterday.  The markets opened in the green, only to have a vicious selloff around an hour into trading and continued till 1:00 ET.

The NASDAQ actually touched its 200 day moving average (200 DMA), but then the reversed higher.  The markets always want to revert to the mean.





But will it last and can the markets break out higher.  That depends on how earnings are perceived.  Right now thought, there

It is a 50-50 coin toss,is a lot of risk.  We essentially finished right where we started on the day.

and I can go to Vegas for that.  Therefore, I am only going to invest in the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors.

Our 2 most recent purchases, Continental Resources (CLR) and Schlumberger (SLB), had solid days.  CLR was up .86% and SLB was 1.66, so both companies beat all of the major indices.

Bottom line is I want to get past the plethora of economic releases tomorrow and get a better fell for earnings season before I ‘ante up.’  Housing Starts and the Fed’s Beige Book release both come out today along with many other economic reports. Many big names report earnings today (see below).This is why the best stocks in the strongest sectors are important.  And it is not even about return, it is about risk.  They actually carry less risk because they are so fundamentally strong and have institutional ownership (mutual funds) backing them.

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We have numerous economic reports including the release of the Fed’s Beige Book, Housing Starts, and Building Permits just to name a few.  The entire list of economic reports is below.

We have 17 companies reporting on the S&P 500, 2 of which, IBM (IBM) and American Express (AXP) are also included in the DOW.  Many financial companies report today including Bank of America (BAC), one of the most widely held stocks in the U.S.  Google (GOOGL) also reports and many eyes will be watching GOOGL.

We have 28 companies reporting in the broader markets as go headlong into earnings season.  Some notables are below.






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Dan Stewart CFA®
Chief Investment Officer
NorAm Asset Management

Economic Reports Today:

MBA Mortgage Applications
Housing Starts
Building Permits
Industrial Production
Capacity Utilization
Manufacturing Production
Fed releases Beige Book

Some Notable Earnings Reports Today:

American Express (AXP – before open)
Abbott Labs (ABT – before market)
Bank of America (BAC)
Kinder Morgan Corp (KMI – after market)
Google (GOOGL – after market)
Kansas City Southern (KSU – after market)

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