Release Leading Off…Did Your Bunker Buddies Keep You Out of Stocks

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.13.38 PMTim Reazor
Chief Investment Strategist
NorAm Asset Management

I now realize that anyone who uses the words fiat currency in their daily dialogue is covering up their own shortcomings in regards to making money in stocks.

 You’re damned no matter what you do.  Some pundits don’t want you to enter the markets because they’re too high.  Other pundits tell you not to enter the markets because Armageddon is coming and you had better be prepared.  And sadly there is another set of charlatans out there who just can’t admit that they’ve been wrong… since 2009.

 I’ve written about this nonsense before but now I want to help you navigate the “Shiffery” a full month into the uptrend.

Let me be clear.  I’m not a perma-bull; I’m not a perma-bear.  I’m a rules based investor who is flexible.  I rely on rules to get me in to markets and stocks and I rely on rules to get me out.   I’m an investor who uses both fundamentals and technicals to serve my firm’s clients.  My discipline is my comfort. My edge comes from my process.  I don’t fall prey to mic’d up hucksters of modern day snake oil.

Why am I so passionate about this topic?  These people cost you money.  They arm themselves with self-serving facts and sell you fear.   The more hyper they are, the louder they scream the more they think you’ll listen.  They don’t respect you.  If they did they wouldn’t scare you… they’d educate you.  They’d give you a plan and a way forward.   Anyone who instills the fear of God in you isn’t your friend.

Think about it…. How many folks do you roll with bully you with words or scare you into inaction?  I’m betting not many.  So why do you listen, why do you hang on, why do you let yourself get Peter’d or Shiffed day in and day out?

In the no…

Herein lies my point.  These misguided masters of mayhem scare you into doing nothing – or worse the wrong thing. Has anyone on TV or radio talked you into the absolutely wrong strategy this spring and now into summer?  Yet your children still need to go to school and your still need to retire with dignity. If you keep listening to these people you’ll be part of the “no” club… no gains and no investible money.

One day when you’re feeling frisky ask one of these bunker buddies when their personal Armageddon is coming.  Then ask them how you can make money with their information.  Ask them about timing.  Ask them when you are supposed to hunker down and when should you pull your head from the sand.

While you’re waiting for one of these guys to cross the moat they’ve dug to protect themselves from our economy to give you an answer… I’ll tell you what I think.

I believe that they’re scared.  The markets are humbling.  They teach me something everyday they are opened.  Sometime I’m wrong.  Sometimes I’m right.  I roll with the punches because I have a defined ever-evolving process.  I love the challenge that comes with admitting that I don’t know what’s going to happen from day to day – that’s why I have rules and my rules protect profits and minimize losses.

For example my rules had the firm enter QQQ and SPY the last week of May.  My rules also had us enter GMCR and BIDU the first week of June.  These investments are now up 4.11%, 2.55%, 2.01% and 8.60% respectively.

Our rules also helped us enter CLR, FANG and SLB the 1st week of April.  Those stocks are now up 26.84%, 28.16% and 19.69% respectively.

To the stock gods I am not talking our book.  I’m making a point.  We have a record and I’m not afraid to talk about it.  Ask a bunker buddy for his record of helping families grow their wealth.  For the record we’re far from perfect.  If we could get our early entry into GLOG back (we sold for a loss) trust me we would.

If you want to learn more about rules bases investing I’ll be hosting a complimentary webinar on Tuesday July 8th at 7PM central.  I use a defined process to enter the markets and clearly defined sell rules to maximize gains and minimize losses.  To register for this workshop please click this link to register

Anyone can attend the workshop on the 8th.   If you know anyone who is interested in stocks or markets please do pass along my newsletter and the invitation to the webinar.

I’m a self-admitted stock nerd.  Every weekend I produce a video for my fellow stock nerds and market enthusiasts.  If you’d like to watch it please click this link –

I hope this helps you find success.

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