Leading Off…Tuesday is for Tech?

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.13.38 PMTim Reazor
Chief Investment Strategist
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While I’m waiting for the market to fall apart J I want you show you two charts.  The first chart is for Apple (AAPL) and the second chart is for Netflix.  Apple has been bullish since earnings were released.  Apple is hitting a 52-week high and has look of a stock that wants to run.  It’s a leader.

Now look at Netflix (NFLX).  This stock has been a laggard. So what has changed? Netflix bounced off the 200-day simple moving average and reclaimed the 50-day SMA during Monday’s session.  That’s a big deal.  The question is what should you do?  Add these two names to your watch-list and stalk them.

Buying at this juncture in the market’s cycle is risky.  Why?  The Nasdaq is the lagging index.  If market is going to trend higher, then the Nasdaq will have to do what Netflix did on Monday – retake the 50-day SMA.  If the Nasdaq is going to do this both Apple and Netflix are going to play a critical role.  Until the Nasdaq gives you the green light stay nimble.  You can invest in both names once an uptrend begins.

Neflix NFLX 2 Yr - 5 19 2014 Apple AAPL 2 Yr - 5 20 2014

In this current environment I’m partial to generating income using credit spreads vice being directional.  That will change when the Nasdaq changes re-takes the 50-day SMA.

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