Leading Off… Is the next move higher underway?


Tim Reazor
Chief Investment Strategist
NorAm Asset Management


With the Dow and S&P bouncing off their respective 10-day simple moving averages and the markets being up for three straight days I’m inclined to say yes.  But wait there’s more…

Earnings season is just getting underway and could derail any potential move higher.   So how do you keep your sanity?  Wait for the signals that it’s the time to move back into growth stocks.  Here are the signals…


1.Have we cleared resistance are we making new highs?

2.Does the move higher coincide with higher institutional quality volume

3.Are leading stocks leading the charge – not laggards – if laggards or beaten down stocks lead us higher that would be a junk rally.  We need quality stocks to lead – such as Continental Resources or Diamondback Energy (we’re long both names)

4.Bonds have to stop moving higher  – it TLT is advancing the move most likely won’t last.  We only want to invest when all the signals are in our favor.

In the meantime hone your watch-list.  As soon as I get my signal I’ll be cautiously adding to our portfolio for clients.  If we do get our signal next week expect some chop and some disbelief.   Headlines sell news and markets don’t always react in the manner you think they would or should.

Remain nimble and without opinion – it’s the best way to spot the next opportunity.

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