Leading Off… A rule to maximize your gains in stocks

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.13.38 PMTim Reazor
Chief Investment Strategist
NorAm Asset Management

Anyone can get you into a stock.  You’ll only thrive in the market if you have a set of defined sell rules.  Your sell rules maximize profits and minimize losses.  Very few investors ever take the time necessary to define what will get them out of stocks or the overall market.   I’m betting you’ve heard this or have heard some variation of this before.

 I’m betting that market cycle after market cycle you make the same mistakes with the stocks you buy.  You’re certainly not alone.  I talk to thousands of investors every year.  The most common mistake this year seems to be the round-trip.  The round-trip is when you have a profit in your stock and you watch the profit dissipate as the price falls back to where you purchased the stock.

This problem is easily fixed.  Most people associate selling or sell rules with something negative such as taking a loss on a stock.  You should have rules that prevent major losses; you should also have rules that allow you to maximize gains.

I’m going to teach you exactly how to maximize your gains during a webinar on Tuesday July 8th at 7 PM central.  I use a combination of hard and fast sell rules mixed in with Fibonacci work to keep me in leading stocks.   It’s these rules that have kept us in leaders such as CLR, FANG and SLB since the 1st week of April.

I made a short video this weekend that explains this concept plus the other topics I’ll be teaching you on Tuesday.  Click this link to watch the video –  http://noramassetmanagement.com/whats-trending/weekend-video-update-12/

If you want to learn more about my rules based approach to investing the webinar is complimentary.  During the webinar you’ll receive a current watch-list of leading stocks and fresh credit spread ideas that may be suitable for your account.

To register for the webinar please click this link http://noramassetmanagement.com/

We were just about at capacity for the June 26th webinar, so we’ve expanded the room for the class on the 8th.  Feel free to invite any groups or individuals that you feel would benefit from the information, and be sure to bring your questions!  I won’t end the webinar until all of your questions are answered.

I hope this helps you find success.

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