Institutional Research

Watchlist for Institutional Investors & Family Offices

Revere Asset’s Watchlist provides Investment Professionals with detailed long and short ideas every week.  Intended for Institutional Investors and Family offices, Watchlist provides you the most pertinent points of relevant market information.  Every week Watchlist will enable you to clearly articulate strategy and define your edge in the market.

Each edition of Watchlist contains entry and exit points for top trade ideas, stock group rotation reports, market internal updates, and the latest correlations along with our proprietary screen of the week.

Watchlist is delivered to your inbox every Friday evening to allow for weekend study.  It outlines setups for the coming week ahead.  Then Mid-Week updates to Watchlist are provided in video format after the close of trade on Wednesday.

Watchlist will provide real-time updates of all positions and setups provided in the previous Friday’s edition.  Actionable advice that requiring immediate attention can be sent via e-mail and/or text message.  You will be provided with additional setups as they arise Monday thru Wednesday.