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The Your Money Radio Show, a summary of the past week’s stock market action and breakdown of all the news that the team at Revere Asset Management is following to help you understand the economy and the investment strategies we use to help our clients.

November, 22, 2014 Podcast

 Tim Reazor and Danny Stewart talk about the shop’s newest sell rule that may help you with your stocks.  During the show Tim updates the levels he’s looking for on the indexes, talks about Friday’s credit spread and updates the watch-list.  Be sure to listen until the end.  Tim removed several stocks that have broken down and add […]

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November 15, 2014 Podcast

Tim Reazor and Danny Stewart talk about what they think will happen on the indexes next week. Tim explains why they may grind higher and where they could consolidate lower. Tim also covers NorAm’s watch-list complete with buy-points and areas where these stocks should be removed for upside consideration. Be sure to listen to the […]

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November 8, 2014 Podcast

Tim Reazor describes one if his most powerful strategies for finding success in the markets. The is a show you’ll want to pass on to your friends. Towards the end of the show Tim helps you understand the relationship between lower oil, the U.S. Dollar and U.S. equity markets. When you finish this episode you’ll […]

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November, 1, 2014 Podcast

Danny  Stewart & Tim Reazor talk about the huge shift that took place this week in the markets.  Be sure to listen to the entire show… Tim helps you understand the relationship between the U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen and U.S. based stocks.  When you finish the video you’ll understand where markets may be headed, which stocks are setting up and which stocks to avoid for the near […]

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October, 18th, 2014 Podcast

Danny  Stewart & Tim Reazor talk about what they expect from the markets following another volatile week of trade.   Be sure to listen to the entire show…Tim discusses how Apple could swing the markets to a new uptrend on Monday, NorAm’s pilot position in GLD and the results of the Google credit spread.  As a bonus Tim includes his brand new watch list of stocks at […]

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Saturday, October, 4, 2014

Danny Stewart & Tim Reazor talk about what they expect from the markets following another violent week of trade.  Be sure to listen to the entire show.  Now that the market appears to have entered a corrective phase you might be wondering when to go long again.  Tim answers this question, plus he shows you what stocks are on his watch-list should the market […]

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tim Reazor talks about what he expects from the markets now that the Fed has spoken and monthly options expiration has passed.  Also, be sure to listen to the entire show.  Tim unveils a fresh watch-list of stocks that he thinks are potential leaders, talks about the NFLX income trade and discusses the three stocks that they just bought in the NorAm shop […]

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