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The Your Money Radio Show, a summary of the past week’s stock market action and breakdown of all the news that the team at Revere Asset Management is following to help you understand the economy and the investment strategies we use to help our clients.


💎 Diamond Hands for AMC Stock!? What about GME?! Or NVDA?! How would YOU know?? Learn some of the best tools to help navigate these markets.  Biden’s new Tax Bill could be devastating if You aren’t prepared 👉 learn what You MUST know to protect Your Family & why “asset insurance” may be #@&* […]

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A Beauty Breakout Idea and the Trigger for Bitcoin & Ethereum to reach New Highs

Is the U.S. Dollar a Snowcap in the Sarhara?! Are we looking at the Perfect Storm with a Trifecta Whammy of Devaluation coupled with Tax Hikes AND Supply Shortages affecting virtually every product produced??  Are we going to get more and receive less? Or just the Oats? UPDATED: Portfolio Manager Don Vandenbord’s Lunch & […]

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All The Stocks Congress is Buying and Selling + Selloff Triggers Reached

Do taxes matter for economic recovery?! Do they matter to Leading Stocks?? Like a mass exodus of people voting with their feet due to taxes, will investors vote with Their Money, which in turn, could affect Your Money?? 😔  Is Congress insider trading with Your Tax dollars to enrich themselves?!? Are they “Fascist Libertarians!?” […]

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