Bear Market Survival Secrets with a 100 Million Dollar Portfolio Manager

June 20, 2022

In this interview Don shares insights about what it is like managing 100 Million using the CANSLIM system and explains his entire process from market analysis to sell rules. He also explains the results of a study he did on bear markets and the 200sma

0:00 Introductions
0:50 Don Vandenbord’s Background
1:30 Starting to trade in the 90s
3:40 Sell Discipline
7:30 Starting a Hedge Fund in 2015
9:00 Resources and Influences
11:30 Stay with Liquid Leaders
13:50 Early Mistakes
17:40 N in CANSLIM, What will make the stock Double
19:35 Don’s Presentation
21:34 Sequence of Returns
23:24 3 Timeframes
24:49 Study of bear Markets, 200 SMA
33:00 How far below the 200sma do we usually go
34:20 ATR adjusted Risk
41:30 Monitoring Growth ETFs- G-6
44:50 Lagging Relative Strength in Feb 2021
47:00 Stock Selection
48:20 LNTH Analysis
49:30 FSLY Example in 2020
53:00 Offensive Sell Rules
55:30 Advice on sell rules
57:30 How many positions do you usually have?
58:15 SSO position
1:00:45 The Tale of the Tape, Market Analysis
1:05:00 Daily Routine
1:08:00 respect Price
1:08:50 Watch the relative Strength Line
1:12:55 Current Stock Analysis
1:17:20 breakouts in a bear market
1:19:00 Advice for new Traders